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Gantry cranes

Double girder gantry crane Double girder gantry crane. Download the catalog.
Gantry crane with lattice type bridge Gantry crane with lattice type bridge. Download the catalog.

With lattice and box type bridges.

Standard gantry cranes feature span up to 42m. and more, lifting capacity from 5 to 60t. For non-standard cranes - from 61 up to 200t.

Design features:
- trolley 1 or 2
- reeving system anti-sway system
- bogie with wheel aligning unit
- load suspension devices hook, traverse, grab, magnetic grab
- control on the base of frequency inverters
- crane management system PLC, diagnostics, function control etc.
- cabin ergonomic and optimally equipped
- machinery house with housing
- E-house with housing, climatecontrol
Operating advantages:
Smooth operation assures long-life performance and maintain high productivity and liability of cranes.
Low power consumption and regeneration during braking and load lowering.
Reliable crane operation at low temperatures up to -45C and operating status in the off mode even at lower temperatures.

Gantry cranes can be used in oil-and-gas, railway and timber industries, on the warehouses and terminals in sea and river ports etc.

Cranes can be operated in various handling systems including automated.
Experience in manufacturing of 5 thousand gantry cranes and handling systems, many of which are still in operation in heavy duty conditions even after expiration of its service life show that gantry cranes manufactured by Baltkran are the right choice.

Gantry crane 200 t
200 t
Gantry crane 36 t
36 t
Gantry crane 32 t
32 t
Gantry crane 20 t
20 t
Gantry crane 15 t
15 t
Gantry crane 10 t
10 t