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Bridge cranes

Storage operation and production line.

Overhead cranes featuring single/double-girder bridge design with lifting capacity up to 320t and more.

Design features of the cranes:
- trolley is balanced with low height that reduces total height of the crane
- gantry with adjustable flangeless wheels for preventing deterioration and rail load reduction
- cargo winch with strictly vertical hook movement during load lifting and lowering
- reeving system minimal swaying of the bottom block even at high lifting
- crane management system PLC, frequency inverters, ProfiBus
- cabin comfortable, ergonomic, with control chair and climate control
- crane control system remote control of crane operation is possible
- electric installation on the basis of industry frequency inverters
- E-house placing of equipment in switch cabins with climate control
Operating advantages:
Smooth movement and micro motion of cranes are ideal for handling operation.
Low power consumption due to optimal crane control system with the latest components.
Opportunity to engineer cranes with different height of supporting construction for maximum use of workshop, warehouse and other premises.
Cranes can be used in fully automated systems.
Synchronization during two cranes operation.
Special crane construction meant for harmful and specific conditions in an enclosed space.

Long-term experience and our own know-how in overhead cranes engineering and fabrication allow us to offer our clients various reliable and safety equipment that are widely used in shipbuilding/shipyard industry, engineering, power, railway, metallurgical, oil-and-gas industries, on the warehouses and terminals in sea and river ports etc.

We have lots of examples in the sphere of non-standard overhead cranes construction, particularly the project of shipyard equipment in Lithuania. Within this project new overhead cranes were fabricated and delivered to existing not high workshop. Light cranes delivery provided significant increase of lifting capacity without strengthening of old workshop structures.

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