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Handling equipment for nuclear industry

Lift/transportation of the main units of nuclear power plant, containers with nuclear material.

- double girder bridge cranes at lifting capacity of 160 t and more
- Handling devices
- Single beam bridge cranes
Design features of the cranes:
- trolley low-profile with strictly vertical hook movement during load lifting and lowering
- gantry with wheel aligning unit and reduced rail load
- cabin ergonomic, with radiation protection
- E-house switch cabins with climate control
- electric installation wide range of variable-speed control, micro motions. PLC, frequency inverters, ProfiBus
- corrosion-resistant coating special system resistant to daily deactivation.
Operating advantages:
Reliable crane operation is provided on the basis of life cycle up to 50 years and operation in areas with 7-8 grades of Seismicity.
Modular design ensures easy access and simplicity of crane maintenance.
Heavy-duty and reliable cranes with sensitive and precise crane management system are used for various equipment mounting on the main construction phases, operation and demounting of station. Technology of speed change is used for the repair purposes.
Cranes for nuclear industry can be equipped with special additional equipment meant for two cranes operation and transportation of heavy non-standard loads. Crane management system provides synchronous operation of several cranes and loads handling that is controlled from the cabin of the leading crane.
Long-term experience in crane engineering and fabrication for nuclear stations of Russia, China and India allow us to supply reliable and safe equipment.