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The first crane BKSM-3Our crane building company was established immediately after finishing of the World War II in October of the year 1945 - on the base of three former German armored shops with foundry. In difficult conditions of overall deficiency, the plant started to fabricate winches, pumps, derricks.

The country was in need of cranes and other lifting equipment to restore the national economy.

Since the year of 1949 the company has been fabricating new models and types of cranes and other complex and heavy-duty equipment:

- year of 1949 - the first riveted tower crane
- year of 1955 - the first heavy-duty concrete-placing machine
- year of 1959 - the first high-performance dredge ship
- year of 1960 - the first gantry crane
- year of 1965 - the first crawler crane
- year of 1969 - the first portal loader
- year of 1975 - the first hydraulic unit with lifting capacity 400t
- year of 1976 - the first overhead crane
- year of 1996 - the first container crane
- year of 1997 - the first ship crane
- year of 1998 - the first crane for nuclear industry
- year of 1999 - the first dock crane
- year of 2003 - the first offshore crane
- year of 2006 - the first crane for aluminum industry

In the year of 1992 Baltkran became a joint-stock company. The principle shareholders were: the Russian oil company LUKOIL and German Engineering Concern Noell. Capital investments were directed, first of all, to personnel training in operation according to international standards, to development of new products range, and to products export.

OAO Baltkran position itself in engineering, fabrication and delivery of complex lifting equipment.

Portal crane BKSM-14
Portal crane
Crawler crane MKG-16
Crawler crane
Gantry crane K-305
Gantry crane
Crane for construction of heating and power plant cooling tower
Crane for construction of heating and power plant cooling tower
Portal crane KP-300
Portal crane
KMK-200 SWL 200t
Gantry crane
KMK-200 SWL 200t