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Handling equipment for aluminum industry

Equipment for phases of aluminum production

- pot tending cranes for pots with self-baking anodes
- pot tending cranes for pots with pre-baked anodes
- assembly cranes for pot transportation
- foundry cranes
- crane transfer system
Design features:
- trolley two trolleys are used to provide optimal loads and energy consumption. Use of load suspension device, wrench unit, dosing unit, hopper and other tools or bucket. Operation with one hook trolley or synchronized operation of two hook trolleys
- bottom blocks made of nonmagnetic material
- bogie sets with adjustable flangeless long-lasting wheels and rail load reduction
- cabin specially designed for harmful conditions of aluminum industry, ergonomic, with control chair and climate control. Windows are resistant to fluoride. Operational panel of the operator for information, diagnostics and displaying
- E-house with high protection rate and closed-circuit ventilation
- crane management system PLC, frequency inverters, wide range of variable-speed control, smooth movement.
Video control system provides control over stud setting and mechanisms operation.
External Profibus connections are made by means of fibre-optic channels.
- 3 phase insulation insulation provides easy maintenance access, less time and other costs that are necessary for cleaning and replacement of insulating material
Operating advantages:
Cranes robotize the operation that before was done manually by workers.
Safety measures for personnel operating out of high risk area.
Automation of repetitive operation under the predetermined points and parameters.
High accurate operation given predetermined algorithm excluding anthropogenic influence on work process.
High reliability, simplicity, effectiveness and serviceability based on long-term experience and our own know-how in overhead cranes engineering and fabrication.
Special components and materials delivered by our trusted suppliers are used in order to exclude impact of electromagnetic fields and to protect equipment from dust of alumina, cryolite, soot, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, carbon monoxide and other harmful substances that accompany process of aluminum production.
Reliable crane operation is provided on the basis of operation in areas with 7-8 grades of Seismicity, temperature conditions from -40 up to +40C and sharp temperature difference.